Giacomo Colombo

Giacomo Colombo (b. 1995, Milan, IT) studied at the Politecnico di Milano (BA in Communication Design) and Cfp Bauer (Diploma in Photography and Visual Communication).

He mainly works with photography extending across music and video. His research tends to move between visual experimentation and documentary investigation. 

Lives and works in Milan, IT.



Instagram: Giacomo Colombo


2017-2019       .  Diploma in Photography and Visual Communication, Cfp Bauer, Milan (IT)

2018-2019       .  Officine Fotografiche, Milan (IT)

2014-2017       .  Bachelor's degree in Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano - Milan (IT)


2019-2020       .  Intern at Studio Alessandro Furchino Capria, Milan (IT)

2018-2020       .  Member of Bruto Fanzine


2020       .  Italia 90, Condominio, Milan (IT) - forthcoming

2019       .  From A to B, Fondazione Stelline, Milan (IT)

2019       .  Surgiva loves MART, MART Museum, Rovereto (IT)

2018       .  Bauer Update 2018, Fondazione Stelline, Milan (IT)

2017       .  Design x Designers 2017, Politecnico di Milano, Milan (IT)


2020       .  SkinnerLAB (edited by Skinnerboox/Alessandro Calabrese) at Condominio, Milan (IT)

2019       .  Surgiva loves MART (curated by Luca Andreoni/MART Museum) at Rovereto (IT)


2020       .  A New Nothing (collaboration with Louise Mutrel)

2019       .  PHROOM Magazine - Studi di composizione


2020       .  If you could see me now (Dummy Photobook) - forthcoming

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