If You Could See Me Now

The musical expression can be treated as a combination of the whole gathered encounters, studies, elaborations and ways of looking at the reality from a subjective point of view.

Bouncing between emotional inclinations and logic thinking processes where everything is interconnected, music manifests its mystery: a slowing of time occurs, where all the mentioned elements come together and look towards somewhere else.

The work began from a need to rediscover a magical space: the studio of the photographer's father. If You Could See Me Now oscillates between sound and image to stimulate visual thinking on the psychological and emotional relationship with music. The main subject, an upright piano, is contemplated through the repetition of formal details, changes of perspective, and daylight variations over time.
In an attempt to understand and recognize a small universe, the author freely juxtaposes memories from the past and impressions of the present: conversations with the father, the flow of dust particles on the instrument, a composition of tangled cables, a musical score hung on the wall, a faded memory.





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