Giacomo Colombo


Everyday given items, collected materials reassembled in new spaces to generate artificially created sculptures, urban compositions made of different objects placed in permanent and impermanent equilibres. The documented structures are formed through a meticulous research for balance that questions the use of shapes in visual composition and the notion of space.

Photography expresses itself through the application of an intrinsic idea: the ready made derived from different experiences from the avant-garde movements that can be achieved by picking up from reality and then reframing and revitalising elements moved to new contexts. Here photography has not just to be seen as a medium for representation, but also as a medium for documentation and relationship with re-presented reality.

Studi di composizione is based on the contemporary process of re-appropriation: starting from a specific archive of images, photographs, paintings, drawings, texts, sculptures linked to both academic education and personal cultural development, the corpus aims to generate a production process built on design and seriality. 
In this sense analogic photography documents a process for material fabrication where the final shot represents the project synthesis. 

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6 C-prints on semi-matte paper 13x18cm. 

Published on PHROOM Magazine

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