Giacomo Colombo


2019 - 2020

There’s a mistery that surrounds music: it is made of an analytic aspect and an emotional key related to a specific individual.

It's all about a combination of all gathered experiences, studies, ways of looking at the reality and a set of elaborations that often overcome during the musical experience. A slowing of time occurs during this evolution, all the above-mentioned elements come together and open up to the elsewhere.

How far can be defined this combination of different cognitive processes?

Starting from this question, in If you could see me now the photographic medium tries to reread elements from my own universe stimulating a visual thinking on memory, perception and abstraction. 
In this sense, each presented photograph aims to evocate the link with the given content recreating the sensory part of it: the relationship with the piano and with the pianist father, a balanced composition of tangled cables, the flow of dust particles, a faded memory. All these parts become a partitura made of analogies and intervals where interpretations and transfigurations overlap.

(selection from the series) + printed dummy photobook (2020)

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